09 Jul 2024

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A new one-off fund for arts and culture podcasts has been announced today.

Creative New Zealand, NZ On Air and RNZ are working together to support the development of new podcasts in response to research that shows a deficit in media coverage about arts and culture in Aotearoa.

The New Mirrors research, undertaken by Rosabel Tan and James Wenley, shows a lack of arts and culture media across New Zealand, while also outlining ways to address the problem; in response, the three agencies have created a one-off fund to generate new arts media opportunities.

Tracey Monastra, Creative New Zealand’s Manager, Advocacy, says the research shows a need for new ways to develop coverage of the arts.

“We want to see a stronger and more visible arts sector, where artists’ voices are reflected across our media landscape. The New Mirrors research highlighted the deficit in coverage across the sector broadly and the need for better arts and culture coverage in the regions, for ngā toi Māori, Pasifika arts and a need to strengthen our reviewing culture,” Monastra says. 

The fund, which opens on 22 July, will support the development of up to four podcasts, exploring New Zealand arts and culture from new and inventive perspectives

The fund will support ideas for podcasts that cater to audiences and artforms that are not well served by the current arts media.

Taking a cross-agency approach and combining resources will make the greatest impact.

“As an agency that funds diverse, high-quality content for Aotearoa audiences, we lament the scarcity of arts-focused stories,” says NZ On Air Acting Co-Head of Funding, Kelly Davis.

“Working in partnership with other agencies who also want to see more coverage of the arts in our media, is one way we can support and stimulate this so more of our distinct and unique arts and culture stories can be told,” says Davis.

Strong media coverage of arts and culture is essential for the creative sector to thrive. The media acts as a crucial bridge between artists and the public—giving artists a platform to amplify their stories. 

RNZ’s Māori Commissioner, Jana Te Nahu Owen, will work as a strategic advisor alongside Rosabel Tan to support podcast makers, says she hopes for a wide range of applications from artists and content creators that reflect our diverse arts and culture sector in Aotearoa.

“This fund gives producers and artists creative license to come up with fresh and innovative approaches to the podcast medium. By working collaboratively on this mahi, we will strengthen our ability to tautoko the arts community and open up more pathways for ngā toi Māori, Pasifika artists and all creatives from across the motu. We want all your whakaaro and hope to see applications that cover a raft of issues and topics from different perspectives,” she says.

“RNZ’s award winning podcast and audio teams are available to manaaki the projects and produce high quality audio programmes that address the key points of the New Mirrors report,” says Owen.

Applications will be assessed by representatives from Creative New Zealand, NZ On Air and RNZ. 

Learn more about the arts and culture podcast co-fund here