18 Jun 2024

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Boosted X Moana

Boosted X Moana is back again for Pacific arts projects under the Pacific Arts Strategy in partnership with the Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi.

Co-designed with Creative New Zealand and the Arts Foundation team that run Boosted, Boosted X Moana has successfully supported 68 Pasifika creative projects since 2020, with match funding from Creative New Zealand for the more than 3,000 individual donations contributed via crowdfunding.

The Creative New Zealand and Boosted team re-designed Boosted X Moana for 2024, to remove the time limit and make it more accessible. Match-funding is now available for Pasifika projects throughout the year to provide more ongoing support for artists and their projects.

Creative New Zealand has also invested in an added strategic focus in 2024, targeting Pacific arts communities in the regions, including Hawkes Bay, Northland, and Timaru. This means local communities have access to Boosted X Moana opportunities.

“We love this partnership with the Arts Foundation and feedback from Pacific artists has been overwhelmingly positive. One of the reasons artists like Boosted X Moana, is that Creative New Zealand guarantees an amount of money that will be available. The rest is up to artists and their project teams to campaign, reach out to their networks, and inspire generous donors to support them with help which can be as little as $5, Senior Manager Pacific Arts Makerita Urale says.

“The success rate of all Boosted X Moana projects since 2020 has been 100%, which is great for everyone and a good investment from our Pacific Arts Strategy, apart from new skills learned and new networks and relationships formed.”

In the first three years of Boosted X Moana, the initiative funded 68 Pacific arts projects - raising a total of $709,667 ($285,000 CNZ match, $424,667 raised through crowdfunding with over 3,000 individual donations).

“Boosted X Moana shows the best of what collaboration can do across the arts funding sector. With the match funds being supplied by Creative New Zealand and being made available to Pasifika creatives to support the success of their project on our crowdfunding platform Boosted, we have a hugely successful record over the past five years,” Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi CEO, Jessica Palalagi says. 

“My hope for the 2024 campaign is that we increase the diversity, number, and locations of projects across the year - and that we see creative projects that respond to the immediacy and urgency of climate change within a Pasifika context.  We come from a long line of ancient storytellers, and this is just another vessel for our stories.”

Visit the Boosted x Moana website