28 May 2024

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Early Career Artists Round one Results

Creative New Zealand is pleased to announce the first of three 2024 notifications for the Early Career Fund for artists, practitioners, and collaboratives. The approval rate is 42 percent, with 37 of 87 eligible applications receiving funding totaling $311,417.

The Early Career Fund – Toi Tipu Toi Rea is part of the for the arts suite of programmes. This programme supports people at the early stage of their career who want to learn, to create, or to share their work with their communities. Applicants can apply for up to $10,000.

“We know support in the early stages of making a career in the arts is vital; that message came through clearly in the consultation we did last year,” Interim Senior Manager, Arts Development James Wilson says. 

“The Early Career Fund is targeted specifically at those who are learning, experimenting, and finding their audience. The applicants aren’t competing with more established artists or organisations for limited funding dollars,” Wilson says.

Creative New Zealand expected application numbers to be lower in the first round of the year and anticipates greater numbers in the second and third rounds. 

Those thinking about applying for the next rounds of this fund can benefit from the assessors’ feedback on the first applications. 

“Our assessors noted that successful applications were specific and focused. The applicants explained how the funding would help them at the early stage of their career. They included all the details and information needed to help assessment, things like examples of work, biographies, and names of mentors,” Wilson says. 

More information about the results, including a full list of projects funded, will be available on Tuesday 4 June. Notifications for the second and third round of the Early Career Fund Toi Tipu Toi Rea will be made in August and November. 

Creative New Zealand will notify applicants of the outcome of the Creative Impact and Creative Fellowship Funds on 19 June 2024. 


Dinah Vincent (Communications Manager)
Mob: 027 463 5835

Overview of results

  • Of 87 eligible applications, 64 were for the general pool, 18 for Ngā Toi Māori, and 5 for Pacific Arts.
  • Of the total amount funded, 68 percent was through the general pool, 22 percent through the Ngā Toi Māori pool and 10 percent through the Pacific Arts pool.
  • Applications were received for eight art forms across the three pools: craft/object art, dance, literature, customary Māori arts, multidisciplinary arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.
  • Literature and visual arts were the most represented artforms across all funding pools.