24 Nov 2022

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Results are in for the second round of our capability fund designed for individual artists and arts practitioners to build business skills. A pilot of this fund was run in June 2022 and this funding round continued to support a wide range of capability projects.

We received 100 eligible applications, with a total of $928,105 requested. We have offered 69 grants totalling $613,662 to support projects by New Zealand artists and practitioners across the three funding pools (General Arts, ngā toi Māori and Pacific Arts).

Results for 2022/23

The 69 grants totalling $613,662 have been offered to support projects broken down as follows:

General Arts: 38 projects totalling $337,536 were supported. $550,303 was requested by 61 applicants.

Ngā toi Māori: 18 projects totalling $148,927 were supported. $249,622 was requested by 26 applicants.

Pacific Arts: all 13 projects to a total of $127,198 were supported.

A wide range of individual practitioners across various career stages and from all artforms were supported, with the highest artforms represented being Multidisciplinary arts, Visual arts and Theatre.

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Overall comments

Here we provide an overview of the results for the Building Business Capability for Individual Practitioners Fund.

This fund continued to support individuals to build and expand their business capabilities, to future-proof their business and to take time and space to focus on the ‘business side’ of their practice.

Supported projects for this round tended to have a very strong focus on digital, specifically the development of websites, e-commerce, digital content and the digital skills required to support the ongoing maintenance of these. Digital equipment and tools were again a strong feature of the round, showing the continued high demand for technology to practically support the implementation of the project.

Strategy development for both business and digital was another theme of supported projects, as was mentorships across a range of capabilities, and skill building in small business and marketing.

In this round, the strongest applications tended to include:

  • clearly identified areas of capability that needed strengthening and demonstrable strategy for how to achieve this
  • a compelling need for why the skills development is needed now
  • detailed information about the people involved in the People section of the application
  • concise support material directly relevant to the project:
    • clear quotes
    • clarity of the work to be carried out by contractors
  • a detailed description of:
    • timelines and plans that were realistic and clearly demonstrated a long-term impact on the sustainability of their career
    • letters of support that were recent, relevant and specific to the application rather than generic letters
  • thorough and accurate budgets, using the Creative New Zealand templates.

About the Building Business Capability for Independent Practitioners Fund

This fund offers grants to support individual artists and arts practitioners to develop skills that increase their career sustainability and future-proof their business practice. Individual artists and arts practitioners can apply for activities that help them remain relevant to audiences and communities and become more resilient to changing environments.

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