01 Nov 2022

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Kia ora! We are now accepting nominations for external peer assessors to join our Creative New Zealand / Toi Aotearoa assessment whānau.

Whaowhia te kete matauranga | Fill the basket of knowledge

What’s the gig?

Peer assessors are an integral part of Creative New Zealand’s funding opportunities – as a peer assessor, you might assess funding requests across a range of CNZ funding programmes and initiatives.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for people who are keen to make a difference in the arts in Aotearoa, provide feedback to their peers, and help develop the New Zealand arts sector, through participating in our assessment mahi. We’re looking for people with an in-depth understanding of the art sector and current artform practice, including international trends and markets, or with specialist knowledge of an area of arts development or capability building. Most of our peer assessors are arts practitioners.

Where is the expertise needed?

This year, we are keen to hear from people with backgrounds in the following areas:

  • Ngā Toi Māori: Dance, Theatre, Literature, Multidisciplinary Arts, Customary Arts, Craft/Object; practitioners with fluency in te reo Māori; senior Māori practitioners
  • Asian practitioners, particularly in the performing arts (theatre, dance, Asian performing arts, etc)
  • Practitioners who identify as takatāpui, LGBTQIA+, and/or MVPFAFF (any artform)
  • Poetry
  • Jazz and/or contemporary music

Can I assess if I live overseas?

Yes, you can! Assessors can beam into our hui online, which has opened up the assessor pool to our overseas whānau. If you’re based overseas, generally you would need to be a New Zealand citizen or resident and have a current understanding of the New Zealand creative sector.

Can I assess if I’m under 26?

Absolutely. We have support in place for younger assessors, and welcome nominations from people who are 18-25 with an in-depth understanding of an artform, or people who have experience in delivering within an artform to young people – you'll have the opportunity to join our youth cohort.


You can read more about the role of external assessors, the selection process, workload, and conflict of interest process in the peer assessor terms and conditions document.

Register online to become a Creative New Zealand peer assessor

Have pātai? Would you like this information provided to you in another way?  Email lee.martelli@creativenz.govt.nz. Lee Martelli, Senior Adviser - Assessment Services.

New assessors will join our talent pool and be eligible to assess from February 2023.