03 Aug 2022

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Artcast Aotearoa is a new podcast series hosted by Tim Batt. Made in collaboration through Creative New Zealand’s Global Wayfinding Programme the series takes an in-depth look at the people, projects and movements that are re-shaping art today. 

Through a series of lively conversations with New Zealand and international artists and thinkers, the podcast will offer insights on global trends and developments in artistic practice responding to the evolving arts ecology.  

Working with Kiwi podcast producer, Tim Batt, Artcast Aotearoa is a six-episode series covering topics on some of the major societal and technological evolutions facing us today, including environmentally sustainable practice and the impact of digital technologies.  

“Artcast Aotearoa aims to inspire new possibilities for arts practice, encourage the sharing of best practice and strengthen connections with international peers,” says Jude Chambers, Creative New Zealand’s Manager, International Services & Initiatives.  

“The series offers a range of perspectives on topics and trends that may play a more central role in the arts ecosystem over the coming years.”  

Episode one: Sustainability as the starting point to reimagine art practice

Tim discusses the climate crisis with independent artist Christian Taylor, a writer, theatre-maker as well as being the sustainability consultant at Sustainable Theatres Australia. Tim and Christian explore how artists can change the conversation around sustainable practices to help galvanize action.

Listen to Episode One: Sustainability as the starting point to reimagine art practice on Spotify and iTunes.

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