27 Jul 2022

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Welcome ceremony
Musqueam Elder Larry Grant and his grandchildren welcome delegation from Aotearoa to the WAA Conference, 2015. Photo by Coast Mountain Photography, courtesy of Western Arts Alliance.

Creative New Zealand’s International programme is delighted to support Dolina Wehipeihana and Tama Waipara, to attend the inaugural Indigenous Programmers Forum and the Western Alliance Conference (WAA) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Dolina and Tama have been invited to attend the two events which run from 29 August – 1 September 2022.  

The forum and conference focus on the development of live performance and indigenous programming.

This invitation (which was also extended to Hone Kouka who is unable to attend), is the result of the on-going relationships these practitioners have nurtured with WAA and their Advancing Indigenous Performance team over the years. 

To support international capability building two rangatahi producers, Jordan Walker and Nathan Mudge will also attend.  This is in recognition of Creative New Zealand’s tuakana/teina kaupapa Māori model of planning for and supporting progression in the sector.   

Western Arts Alliance (WAA) is a membership association of touring and performing arts professionals engaged in promoting and presenting performing arts throughout Canada’s western states and provinces. This gathering will be an important moment for NZ practitioners to re-connect in person and strengthen ties with indigenous and non-indigenous programmers, directors, producers and artists; to forge new relationships; participate in knowledge-sharing opportunities and to explore collaboration. 

Participation in this event is supported by the following International Programme initiatives: 

  • Dolina Wehipeihana and Tama Waipara are supported by our Global Wayfinding Programme which focusses on opportunities for the sector to engage with international platforms to maintain critical connections and sustain NZ’s international profile.

  • Jordan Walker and Nathan Mudge are supported by our Ka Rere Rangatahi / Emerging Artist Programme which recognises the kaupapa Māori tuakana/teina model of planning and supporting for succession. 

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