06 Apr 2022

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Opening new pathways for international practice

Our world is rapidly changing and leading us to think and work in new ways.

Our Artist Tautoko Programme supports artists to navigate the changing arts landscape by creating a space for them to work with a global expert – to mentor and guide them through this time.

In particular, artists have been considering ways to shift and adapt their practice to the international context. They’re working with mentors as a sounding board for new ideas; to develop their digital international practice and create digital strategies; to explore digital and emerging technologies; to investigate new models of revenue generation; to scope opportunities to work collaboratively with global peers, and to create sustainable touring pathways.

Some examples of recently funded Artist Tautoko projects:

  • A theatre maker worked with an international consultant to develop a more environmentally conscientious and sustainable practice within the international touring live arts sector.
  • An established graphic artist worked with a multi-disciplinary artist from Aotearoa New Zealand to reach a more nuanced approach for presenting a multifarious artistic practice online.
  • A UK creative producer and festival director worked with an arts practitioner to shape a strategy for international practice and how to best work ‘internationally’ during the pandemic and climate crisis. The focus was on work with young people (as artists and collaborators) and explored the flexibility and adaptability of projects, as well as examining the mobility of ideas rather than people.
  • A multi-disciplinary artist has worked with a UK festival director and producer to shape the development of an app-based platform for site-specific, locative performance and to identify potential international contexts and partners for the project – working with companies in different markets to facilitate the experience.
  • An international curator worked with a visual artist to research the visual arts landscape in China including what practices and concerns are key in the region. This work aimed to provide the specifics of the context and to build professional networks and connections.
  • An international producer worked with theatre makers to develop a comprehensive international engagement plan for an innovative theatre work for young people. The plan provides a map for future activity including new presentation and touring models.
  • A theatre maker worked closely with a German-based performing arts agent who programmes work across UK/Europe to develop an international strategy.  This included looking at the different models of touring that are emerging as a result of COVID-19.
  • A leading UK festival director for children and young people advised a theatre practitioner on the development of an international plan and mapping out the international ecosystem for Theatre for Young Audiences.
  • One of New Zealand’s leading arts organisations worked with a consultant to develop an effective international strategy, refine their approach to strengthening their international profile and widening their scope through collaboration.
  • An emerging visual artist with an international practice worked with a senior New Zealand artist based in Europe to map out opportunities and networks to advance their international practice.