29 Sep 2020

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To the arts community Were with you and we value your mahi

Creative New Zealand is proud to tautoko dedicated, hard-working artists, bolstering a sector knocked to its knees by the impact of COVID-19.

We work to encourage, promote, support and advocate for the arts for the benefit of all New Zealanders — from Bluff to Cape Reinga and beyond, through projects of all shapes and sizes, communities and cultures, glitter and all.

Ngā toi (the arts) and creativity are crucial for New Zealanders’ wellbeing, especially during a time of crisis such as COVID-19. Whether you’re reading a book, watching a film, listening to music, creating tivaevae, or sharing a whānau crafting session (to name just a few), the arts do what they have always done: bring joy, laughter, tears, comfort, inspiration, identity, hope and curiosity. While often severely impacted themselves (through loss of work or limits on audience numbers), our artists are some of the first to rise to challenges and emergencies to bring us that creativity.

We’re really shocked and disappointed at recent low blow targeting of artists we’ve funded – we stand by them and our decisions. We don’t condone attacks on the arts whānau, or anyone for that matter. To the arts community and supporters: We’re with you, and we value your mahi. We’ll keep on doing the work we’re mandated to do, by the people of New Zealand, through an Act of Parliament.