17 Dec 2019

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Weve made improvements to our funding guidelines

We’ve streamlined our funding guidelines to make it easier to find the information you need to make a strong application.

Application guidelines for our funding opportunities are now all in one place online. By funding opportunities, we mean all funds and special opportunities and initiatives we offer, except where otherwise stated.

Access the online funding guidelines

What you’ll find in the guidelines

You’ll find many of the same guidelines that were previously listed in our Application guidelines and requirements for specific activities PDF which told you what to include in your application if you were applying for certain types of arts projects.

However, we’ve made a big effort to make this information more accessible and easier to understand.

  • We’ve reduced the total number of guidelines and substantially simplified many of the remaining ones.
  • We’ve also brought together useful information that was previously dispersed across a range of documents and webpages.
  • We’ve added better explanations of the funding outcomes we’re looking for, what we do and don’t fund and how we assess applications.
  • This now all lives in one place online that is easily navigated and accessible (and replaces the Application guidelines and requirements for specific activities PDF).

We hope this helps applicants understand how they can make strong applications.

What else do you need to know?

The new online funding guidelines are one of four online resources to look at when making an application.

  1. ‘Find funding’ section of our website – lists all the available funding opportunities and has specific information about the funds such as their purpose, eligibility and assessment criteria and the funding round dates.
  2. Online funding guidelines – explains the funding outcomes we’re seeking; what we do and don’t fund generally and for your artform; provides advice on what to include in your application; and information about how our assessment process works.
  3. Creative New Zealand Portal – is where you set up your profile and make your online application. It is also where you submit your report after completing a funded project.
  4. Portal User Guide – has the instructions for how to use the portal.

Why we reviewed our funding guidelines

We reviewed the guidelines as part of a wider piece of work to align our Arts Grants and Special Opportunities with our Investment Strategy Te Ara Whakamua 2018–2023.

This piece of work also resulted in the revised Arts Grants programme purposes and established our new Annual Arts Grants programme, which we signalled in March this year.

We also hope that by reviewing the funding guidelines we have:

  • reduced complexity for applicants
  • increased clarity and consistency in advice we provide
  • reduced the total number of guidelines people must read.

What’s next?

We’ll continue looking at ways we can make funding guidance more accessible.

In 2020 we’ll look at our budget guidelines as we know this is of interest to applicants. We’ll also look at extending our remuneration guidelines beyond those we have set for Arts Grants and some Special Opportunities.