05 Nov 2019

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Supporting sustainable careers in the arts   the next steps

We recently invited public comment and feedback on our response to A Profile of Creative Professionals, the research seeking to better understand career sustainability in the arts and creative industries. More information is provided below, as well as next steps.

In August Creative New Zealand released a discussion document Sustainable Careers for Artist and Arts Practitioners. The discussion document followed on from the Profile of Creative Professionals research that surveyed nearly 1,500 creative professionals.

The discussion document aimed to continue the conversation about what the research findings meant and how we can work with other stakeholders to advance more sustainable careers for artists and arts practitioners.

Accompanying the discussion document was an online survey looking at six principles of sustainable careers. The online survey has now closed and attracted almost 450 responses.

In addition to the online survey, three forums were held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in late October to discuss the six principles and to give an opportunity for artists and arts practitioners to discuss issues. Creative New Zealand also met with a group of artists and arts practitioners in Dunedin. Over 100 people attended these forums.

What’s next?

• We’ll collate feedback and present this back to the Arts Council – end of 2019

• We’ll release a summary of the feedback we received – early 2020

• We’ll work with others to develop a roadmap setting out the actions required to embed the principles/improve career sustainability – first half of 2020

• We’ll refine and build support for the roadmap – first half of 2020

• We’ll implement actions – from 2020