17 May 2018

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Audio Foundation announces international touring programme

The Audio Foundation is excited to announce a new programme – International Presentations. This programme enables artists working with sound to present concerts and exhibitions at international festivals, galleries and events.

Over the past decade the Audio Foundation has a developed a vigorous record supporting and promoting artists working with and around sound in Aotearoa.

This year sees the first two international tours presented by the Audio Foundation and close partner in Australia – Liquid Architecture. The two organisations have worked closely over the past 5 years to bring such renowned international performers as Puce Mary, Richard Dawson, Michel Chion and Rashad Becker to Australasia. This exciting new development enables Liquid Architecture to present two established New Zealand artists as part of their international programme in 2018.

The selected artists are Gerard Crewdson and Beth Dawson aka Ducklingmonster.

Wellington based musician, artist, storyteller and activist Gerard Crewdson has been invited to present a major exhibition at Blindside Gallery in Melbourne. For this 3 week exhibition in June Gerard will mount a large scale installation gesturing at the relation of sound and sculptural form. This will be complimented by a substantial publication and live performance series during which Gerard will collaborate with local musicians and artists.

During her visit to Australia in April, Ducklingmonster participated in Liquid Architecture's Polythinking series, performing alongside Betty Apple (Taiwan), Brötzmann / Leigh (USA/Germany), and Claire Cooper (Australia). This series developed out of Los Angele's annual Polyphonic social series, which applies the sonic concept of polyphony to social sound and social listening across multiple events and venues, embracing experimental pedagogies, installations, performance art, improvised music and partying. In addition, Beth performed a number of local, grass roots gigs alongside many stalwarts of the Melbourne experimental music scene.

Gerard Crewdson biography

During a career spanning close on 40 years, Gerard Crewdson has developed a unique and dedicated artistic practice in the fields of music, installation, painting, sculpture, film making and illustration. With a history of work with theater and musical groups, his artistic, theatrical and musical practices, dovetail in a unique and dedicated personal history. Crewdson has as extensive history of collaborative work, beginning with the Braille Collective in the 1980s, more tham a decade in Sydney making art and music, and in recent times in association with Zirkus, Die Henkel Spur, Fertiity Festival, Lucid Dreambike and with Orchestra of Spheres with whom he has performed on a number of occasions in addition to designing sets and costumes.

Beth Dawson biography

Duckingmonster (Beth Dawson) has been a pivotal figure within Aotearoa's underground musical ecosystem for close on 20 years. During this time she has developed a unique approach to audiovisual experimental practice, applying this in a staggering array of groups including: The Futurians, File Folder, Rise of City Cat Cult, Zomebie!Fuck?, Ghastlies, Octopus, It Hurts, Maltese Falcons, Evidence X, Murdering Monsters, and many more. Additionally, Dawson is an accomplished painter, zine- and film-maker.


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