04 Apr 2018

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Creative New Zealand urges Auckland Council to continue commitment to the arts

Creative New Zealand’s submission on Auckland Council’s Auckland Plan 2050 and 10-Year Budget 2018–2028 urges the Council to continue its long-term commitment to the arts.

“Like the majority of Aucklanders who understand the value of the arts, we agree with the Mayor’s vision of an exciting Auckland, which celebrates its diversity and that offers rich cultural opportunities to its people,” said Creative New Zealand’s senior manager for advocacy, David Pannett.

David Pannett said earlier versions of the Council’s plans detailed a clear strategic approach to integrating the arts and culture into the everyday lives of Aucklanders.

“This commitment has largely been removed from the drafts of these key documents, which will guide the Council’s investment in the arts over the coming years and decades. We want to see that commitment back,” he said.

He said Creative New Zealand endorsed Auckland Council’s recent efforts to support the arts. 

“Initiatives like the establishment of the Auckland Arts Festival as an annual event, and the Council’s support for the Waterfront Theatre Project, show the progress that’s been made in recent years to enrich the cultural landscape in our largest city.

“We urge the Council to keep focusing on the arts and supporting the development of a culturally diverse Auckland, as well as seizing opportunities to work with the arts sector to realise the Mayor’s vision.

“We’ve made a significant financial investment in Auckland in recent times and intend to continue this approach to support the arts in our largest city.”

Submissions closed Wednesday, 28 March.  Creative New Zealand invited artists and arts organisations to make their own submission or to endorse the Creative New Zealand submission.