17 Dec 2019

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Update on the Capability Building review and next steps

We’d like to update you on the recommendations of our recent Capability Building review and changes to the programme from 2021.

The primary purpose of the review was to align the Capability Building programme with our Investment Strategy.

Some of the key findings from that review included:

  • Considering a range of approaches to improve delivery to Te Hā o ngā Toi and the Pacific Arts Strategy 2018 - 2023
  • Retain the focus of the Capability Building programme on arts organisations
  • Shift the focus of the programme to a strategic one, helping to ensure the arts sector is well positioned to adapt to present and future challenges (Creative New Zealand’s Statement of Intent)
  • Shift from an annual programme to a longer-term 2 to 3 year programme
  • Consider developing our capability building offer for independent practitioners primarily through other workstreams

With these recommendations we have re-designed the capability building programme with a new name and a new purpose:

Poutama will deliver to our outcome of a stronger arts sector by working with arts organisations in Aotearoa to be artistically and organisationally resilient and innovative. Organisations need to have the skills, values and behaviours to anticipate and respond to the challenges of the future to remain relevant.

Poutama will adopt a holistic approach to organisational development based on our Investment Strategy, Te Hā o Ngā Toi and the Pacific Arts Strategy. It will be based on supporting the competencies and themes relating to innovative and resilient organisations, which include:

  • Bi-culturalism
  • Inclusiveness
  • Contribution to the 4 ‘Wells’: Well-being; Well-resourced; Well-trained; Well-led
  • Future-focused
  • Critical and creative thinkers.

The updated programme will comprise several strands including coaching, grants and partnering with organisations and will be delivered over 2-3 years.

The focus of Poutama will be towards Creative New Zealand’s Tōtara and Kahikatea organisations as well as other Maori-led and Pasifika-led organisations/groups/collectives as identified, for instance via our Te Puāwaitanga initiative.

There will be operational changes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the programme, including improving the sector’s understanding of our Capability Building offerings and improvements to the way we offer the initiatives.

2020 will be a transitional phase as we work to address operational efficiencies, align the implementation with our strategies and the review of Creative New Zealand’s International programmes, as well as scope the new programme including designing new initiatives for 2021. More information will be available in the new year.