07 Jun 2012

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NORTHCITY4 opportunities in Melbourne for jewellery and small object making

Northcity4 is an Artist Run Initiative set up in Melbourne to support the contemporary jewellery and small object making community.

Northcity4 is not-for-profit (we do it because we love it!)

Northcity4 is an excellent place to hang out (we have permanent studio space, access studio space and space to realise your dream project)

Northcity4 is into education (we run crazy workshops, we run serious workshops, and we get really interesting people to come and talk to YOU about their crazy ideas and their serious ideas)

Northcity4 is into sustainability (Yeah Man! We want this fantastic community of ours to be around for the years to come. So it’s boot camp for suspect suppliers and the recycling bin for those toxic materials)

Northcity4 is Romani Benjamin, Katherine Bowman, Anna Davern, Caz Guiney and Ali Limb. Five of the rockin’est art/craft/jewellery chicks around!

And we want to make contact with you guys over the Tasman. Come and do an artist in residence in our Project Space. Send us a proposal to come and run a workshop or present a seminar. Perhaps even have a weekend holiday in Melbourne to attend a masterclass. Speaking of which... coming up in July we will be running a weekend masterclass with international contemporary jeweller Manon Van Kouswijk and we want to give you advanced notice so that you can plan your flights and accommodation. Enrolments aren't open yet but If you're interested, send us an email and we'll put your name on the register and let you know when they do.