25 Feb 2011

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Christchurch Earthquake Updated summary of effects on arts in Christchurch and the region

Friday 25 February 2011

  • Organisations which Creative New Zealand has been in contact with include the Christchurch Arts Festival Trust, The Court Theatre, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, SCAPE Biennial, the Christchurch Writers Festival and the Physics Room
  • The Christchurch Arts Festival Trust does not have access to their premises.  The state of their performance venues in Christchurch is unknown but their programme for August 2011 is likely to be affected.
  • Court Theatre do not have access to their premises so are unable to assess the impact of the earthquake.  Their Midnight in Moscow season has been disrupted.
  •  The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra’s office was damaged by the earthquake and will be closed at least until the end of next week.  Their next two concerts, Lamb & Hayward Masterwork Zuccarini conducts Brahms and the Cathedral series Symphonic Sundays I have been cancelled.  All of their performance venues have been damaged, in some way, so they may need to find alternatives to continue their scheduled programme. 
  • The SCAPE Biennial on 4 March – 17 April will not go ahead.
  • The Physics Room’s March exhibition has been cancelled and the gallery will remain closed until further notice.
  • Christchurch Readers and Writers Festival do not have access to their office but are hopeful that their May festival in the Christchurch Art Gallery will go ahead.
  • Downstage (Wellington) have cancelled their season of Love You Approximately to allow The Clinic Performance Company to return to Christchurch to be with their families
  • Book Month (March) activities for Christchurch will be affected.
  • The Creative New Zealand office in central Christchurch is closed until further notice.
  • A number of artists and arts organisations are organising events to raise money for people affected by the earthquake including Circa Theatre, Wellington Fringe Festival and the New Zealand Society of Authors.