21 Jan 2010

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Facts and figures around New Zealands participation in the 2009 Venice Biennale

The 53rd International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia ran from 7 June - 22November 2009. More than 114,000 visitors viewed Judy Millar’s installation, Giraffe-Bottle-Gun, curated by Leonhard Emmerling and Francis Upritchard’s installation, Save Yourself curated by Heather Galbraith and Francesco Manacorda.Below is a list of facts and figures relating to the 2009 Venice Biennale as well as the visitor numbers recorded for 2003 and 2005.

Number of countries with pavilions: 77
Length of Venice Biennale: 153 days
Total number of visitors through the two New Zealand pavilions: 114,556 (recorded)
Total number of visitors through Judy Millar’s Giraffe-Bottle-Gun: 92,914 (average daily visitation:607)
Total number of visitors through Francis Upritchard’s Save Yourself: 21,642 (average daily visitation:141)
Number of paying visitors to the main 2009 Biennale exhibitions in the Giardini and Arsenale only:375,000*
Total number of visitors to the New Zealand pavilion at the 2005
Venice Biennale: 29,113 (recorded)
Total number of visitors to the New Zealand pavilion at the 2003Venice Biennale: 47,962 (recorded)**
Total number of visitors to the New Zealand pavilion at the 2001
Venice Biennale:
22,000 (recorded)
Amount of funding from Creative New Zealand for the 2009 exhibitions: $700,000
Funding from NewZealand Major Events Development Fund (for activities promoting NewZealand’s presence at the Venice Biennale): $500,000
Te Papa sponsorship: $110,000
Funding from New Zealand Patrons of the Biennale: $300,000
Number of patrons: 46
Exhibitions open at Te Papa: 26 February – 14 August 2010 as part of the New Zealand International Arts Festival.
This includes a talk by curators, Heather Galbraith, Leonhard Emmerling and Venice Project Manager, Tanea Heke on the 2009 exhibitions:
18 March/6pm at Te Papa
The opening ceremonies attracted widespread international media coverage; numerous major art publications have printed interviews with the artists and reviews of their work. Both artists have been invited to contribute at international exhibitions and art fairs. Judy Millar has been selected for the prestigious New York International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) residency on the strength of her biennale representation.Francis Upritchard has multiple exhibition projects in development subsequent to the Venice Biennale including a solo exhibition at Secession, Vienna, Austria 30 April – 20 June, 2010

*This figure does not include total visitor numbers for the outlying country pavilions like New Zealand
** The venue for New Zealand at Venice in 2003 was the same as Judy Millar’s 2009 venue.