27 Sep 2009

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Recreational Bureaucracy

Recreational Bureaucracy calls attention to the invisible and shifting line that separates ‘public’ from ‘private’ by collecting data from individuals’ vehicles parked in public inner city parking zones and republishing it anonymously.

In this instance, the 'data' collected is only that which is already in public view as Ali Bramwell will be recording car registration numbers and taking graphite impressions of the right front tyre tread. This material will then be reproduced and pasted en masse on walls and bollards around Christchurch by Phantom Billstickers. The documentation and the way it is republished is intended to mimic various existing classification and surveillance activities, governmental, commercial, voyeuristic and vigilante.

By adopting specific methodologies of data collection and classification every day between 28 September­­­–2 October 2009 in Christchurch, Bramwell will continue her ongoing investigation into urban control systems and how this occurs as social collaboration in public spaces. The forensic findings will also be broadcast through a dedicated website for this project, causing the project to slide interstitially between accepted forms of behaviour and security roles, exaggerating and subverting modes of surveillance and data classification.

The web address for the project is bureaucrat.geek.nz and the site will go live on 2 October 2009. Please also check The Physics Room website for updates www.physicsroom.org.nz.

For further information on this public programme please contact The Physics Room on +64 3 379 5583 or email physicsroom@physicsroom.org.nz


Recreational Bureaucracy is being aided and abetted by Phantom Billstickers.


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