28 Sep 2011

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Introducing the NZ Music App

As any music lover will tell you in today's cluttered world it can be hard work to keep up with the latest events, new acts on the scene and shows being held in and around your area – there's just so many its virtually a full time job to keep up.

Enter the NZ Music app… The NZ Music app is a personal, customisable calendar of local and national music events and a database of NZ artists that can be accessed and shared via the new free NZ Music iPhone app, available on the App Store, www.itunes.com/appstore.

The NZ Music app is based on a unique and searchable location-based event calendar that lets music fans get their entertainment fix on the go.  And thanks to the NZ2011 Lottery Grants Fund and the REAL NZ Festival – it's free!

Whether music fans are looking for something to do for the weekend, planning a trip, reading breaking NZ Music news, or watching the latest video clips and previewing and buying songs from their favourite and soon to be favourite local artists the NZ Music app is their go-to guide.

The brand new app is the ultimate source to discover what's next in entertainment with over 400 artists included in the app on launch and more being added all the time. Plus there are local and national events being added to the event s calendar each day helping people find what is on near them and around the country.

NZ Music features include:

  • Keyword-based search to find the events you care about both locally and nationwide
  • Add events directly to your phones calendar
  • Links to preview and buy music directly from the iTunes store
  • Stream artists videos on your handset.
  • Maps for concerts, gigs and local music event locations.
  • The ability to 'favourite' artists, events and news items
  • Directly Tweet, email or share via Facebook news, artists and events so your friends and followers can also keep up with yourcurrent faves.

NZ Music for iPhone is available now as a free download from Apple's App Store for all OS4 compliant devices www.itunes.com/appstore (search for nz music)

You can also text "nzmusic" to 3443 from your phone. Direct link - http://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/nz-music/id461421757?mt=8)

For more information about the NZ Music Commission head to: www.nzmusic.org.nz

For a screenshot of the app head here: http://nzmusic.org.nz/news/artist/nz-music-iphonepad-app/