25 May 2011

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Wellington String Players Wanted

Jonathan Crehan is setting up The String Orchestra Of Old Saint Paul’s, which will begin formally in July, 2011. Both rehearsals and performances will be in the beautiful and inspiring venue of Old Saint Paul’s.

  • Number of players wanted: 21 – 25.
  • Ages of players: all ages, older players are especially encouraged to join.
  • Instrumentalists wanted: violinists, viola players, cellists, double bassists.
  • Rehearsal time: 4-6pm on Sundays at Old Saint Paul’s, Thorndon.
  • Yearly subscription cost: $100 per person (to cover expenses)

Jonathan's vision for the Orchestra: to be a serious organisation with musical integrity and a voice in the community. To focus on musicality, depth and warmth of playing and not to focus on flashy shallow virtuosity. To be a humble organisation which makes decisions purely for the sake of advancing the quality of the music it creates.

Jonathan hopes to be under the guidance of his mentors and teachers, Sir William and Lady Rosemary Southgate for the first two years of conducting The Orchestra of Old Saint Paul’s.

"It’s a really exciting opportunity and one where if I can bring together players with a musical soul and integrity, there could be some amazing music created."

If you really love music and are a string player, please contact Jonathan to set up an audition:

Otherwise, please pass this message on to any of your friends or relations who may be interested.

Thank you,
Jonathan Crehan
ATCL, AmusTCL, Bmus (Hons)