14 Nov 2011

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Wellington Maori art gallery to follow online trend

Iwi Art gallery is closing its Tory Street doors and opening up to the online world.

After six years and close to 100 exhibitions, Iwi Art gallery in Wellington will turn its focus to the increasing online demand.

Iwi Art gallery will close its doors at 19 Tory St on 24th December 2011 and concentrate solely on upgrading its Gallery website; iwiart.co.nz

Gallery owner Tia Kirk says the decision has been difficult, and the economic situation has been the biggest factor.

“We are not closing the business but we’ve had to take a long, hard look at Iwi Art, and find creative ways to continue to operate successfully while minimising the risks. We have assessed that a large number of our sales actually come from queries through our website and we will be investing into technological growth for the next couple of years while we ride the unstable economic times”.

Over the past six years Iwi Art has helped develop the careers of many artists, with several going on to exhibit internationally, entering international art competitions and winning several prestigious awards. 

“We will continue to provide a platform for both new and established artists to exhibit and sell their work, however, we endure to do so online and with a more strengthened Gallery website.”

Tia states that this that will allow Iwi Art to continue to grow without having to have an actual physical space.

“Our international sales have provided the stability for our business over the years and we’re in the process of developing the new website. Being online as well will allow us to plan more events such as pop-up group exhibitions both here in New Zealand and abroad”.

Iwi Art will trade in its current Tory St space until Christmas Eve 2011.