28 Feb 2011

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New Zealanders wont give up on New Zealand Bookshops

The New Zealand’s book industry has been hit hard recently and New Zealand Book Month couldn’t have come at a better time. This March is a time to celebrate the New Zealand book industry and Kiwiwriters.org, an online community for New Zealand writers, is working with New Zealand Book Month in an initiative dubbed “Buy a NZ Book Day”.

On Saturday, March 5, 2011, New Zealanders are being asked to support their local booksellers, and New Zealand writers by purchasing a book by a New Zealand author.

The idea originated from the U.S. version, “National Buy a Book Day”, started by Philip Athans, NY Times bestselling author of Annihilation, who was concerned about how the recession was affecting the book industry.

“It is clear that the recession has taken its toll on New Zealand’s book industry as well, and at Kiwiwriters.org that effects each and every one of us,” says Kerryn Angell, founder and president of kiwiwriters.org.
“Buy a NZ Book Day is about creating an excitement for story telling and the written word that inspires so many writers by sharing in their stories and supporting the industry that supports them.”

In addition, NZ Book Month are giving out four million $5 book vouchers which can be used throughout March, and on March 5th for Buy a NZ Book Day. The day hopes to encourage New Zealanders to take the time out to enjoy the small luxury of reading and support our local authors.

Kiwiwriters.org is a writing community aimed at challenging and encouraging anyone who is passionate about writing. Based in New Zealand it also aims to support and promote New Zealand writers.