14 Apr 2010

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UK opportunity for young New Zealand arts practitioners in music theatre

A groundbreaking new scholarship is giving talented and ambitious young New Zealand arts practitioners an unrivalled career opportunity in music theatre. The Pettman Dare International Performance Scholarship (PDIPS) is a unique programme of practical experience and academic development created by DARE, the innovative collaboration between Opera North, based in Leeds and the University of Leeds, two of the UK’s foremost cultural and academic institutions, working together with partners in New Zealand, The NBR New Zealand Opera and the University of Canterbury.

Scholars spend seven months in the UK working at the heart of award-winning Opera North, exploring the full spectrum of skills that make up the artform of opera while receiving mentoring by the University of Leeds. This is followed by two months in New Zealand developing further skills at The NBR New Zealand Opera and sharing discoveries at the University of Canterbury.

Behind the scholarship are philanthropists Professor Barrie and Mrs Maureen Pettman, who, for four months of each year, call New Zealand home. “What we are doing with DARE in the UK is revolutionary,” Professor Pettman says. “It is the first artistic-academic partnership of its kind in the UK, possibly the world, and it is thrilling for us to see how it is inspiring and stimulating new ways of thinking and working. To be able to fund the extension of that programme into scholarships that benefit young New Zealand arts practitioners gives us enormous pleasure.”

Aidan Lang, General Director of The NBR New Zealand Opera and mentor to the scholar during the New Zealand stage of the scholarship, cannot speak highly enough of the benefits a scholarship like this can have for a talented and ambitious young arts practitioner. “To have the chance to grow and develop in both a creative and academic way, with leading institutions of culture and education, is extraordinary – it’s the sort of opportunity you normally only dream about. And the impact this scholarship will have on the New Zealand arts community will be far-reaching, with the scholar making a valuable contribution to arts learning and practice in New Zealand which as a consequence will help to raise the production benchmark for arts organisations across the board.”

Dr Amanda Morris, Director of the Centre for Fine Arts, Music & Theatre at the University of Canterbury, says that the beauty of this scholarship is that it provides a bespoke programme for young arts practitioners who have the potential to be leaders in music theatre. “Whether their talent lies in the area of opera production (technologies, design, administration) or performance (voice, instrument, conducting), we will tailor the programme to suit the scholar.”

The Pettman Dare International Performance Scholarship application deadline is 30 April 2010. To register an interest and to submit an application, please contact Lesley Patrick lesley@dareyou.org.uk.

Further information: www.dareyou.org.uk/fellowships/pettman.

The Pettman Dare International Performance Scholarship is developed and delivered by Opera North and the University of Leeds as part of the DARE collaboration www.dareyou.org.uk. It is made possible through the generosity of Professor Barrie and Mrs Maureen Pettman.

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