03 May 2010

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Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn   One mans war story a portrait of a generation

Actor Simon Ferry asked his Mum if she’d be happy for him to base a show on the life of his dad, Jock Ferry.

She said that it would be ok with her, as long as he told the truth.

Lullaby Jock is Simon’s account of how his father adjusted to life after World War Two. This is a story written for all New Zealanders, offering a vivid perspective on how we deal with our memories of war, any war.

Writer/ actor Simon Ferry: “17 years later the show has changed a bit but it still tells the truth, about dad and also a whole generation of kiwi men who went off to serve their country in WWII. But more importantly it tells the truth about their return. What happened to them over there had a profound effect but most chose not to share it. I am finding that the people of this generation want to hear those stories, about what it was really like for them and how their families coped, survived and thrived after such an experience.”

Simon continues: “So many people have said to me ‘My old man was just like that!’ or my Grandad, my uncle or my husband. Im really glad that so many people connect with this story and hopefully it helps them to get to know these men in their lives better.”

Lullaby Jock is directed by Tim Spite, winner of the 2009 Chapman Tripp Theatre Award of Best Director for Biography of My Skin. He joined the production in 2009 ahead of its Auckland Season.

“The story is of Jocks life, of laughter, alcoholism, love and war. I laughed and cried, then laughed again ... then cried again ... I mean it!”
James Amos - Theatreview

Actor Simon Ferry relates an audience anecdote: "After one show a woman approached me and thanked me for the performance. She said ....I am going to go and see my father.... I havent spoken to him for ten years. Now, I finally understand why he was the way he was."

Lullaby Jock
18-29 May
Times: Tue-Wed 6:30pm, Thur-Sat 8pm
Prices: $45-$25, see downstage.co.nz for detailed pricing
Matinee: Sat 29 May @ 4pm
Meet the Artists: Wed 19 May