07 Mar 2014

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25 years of investment in the arts

It is Lotto’s 25th birthday in August, and since 1987 profits from Lotto sales have given a $3 billion back to the community.

Approximately 20 cents in every dollar spent on Lotto goes to the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board (administered by the Department of Internal Affairs) which is responsible for the redistribution of funds through regional and specialist committees.

For Creative New Zealand that has meant a total of $475 million has been provided through Lottery grants which have enabled us to fund the arts in New Zealand.

“This investment has enabled thousands of exhibitions, performances, festivals, concerts and books to happen. These activities have enriched our lives, and helped us increasingly see ourselves as a nation of creative people, communities and cultures where the arts are central to our self-expression and sense of identity,” says Creative New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen Wainwright.

“It could be the emotion of the haka before the big game, the joy of reading a book, or playing in a band or attending a show, concert or gallery. The arts matter a lot to New Zealanders, in fact recent independent research reveals that 85 percent of New Zealanders are engaged in the arts.”

Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain announced on 17 July 2012 that around $200 million in Lotteries funding would be redistributed back into the community in 2012/2013. This includes a distribution of $34.6 million to Sport New Zealand, $25.9 million to Creative New Zealand and $12.1 million to New Zealand Film Commission.

A further $128 million will be distributed to community groups throughout New Zealand in 2012/13. These organisations are involved in a broad spectrum of community activities, including social, health and environmental projects, support for individuals with disabilities, outdoor safety, community facilities and marae heritage.

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