06 Mar 2011

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Auckland Arts Festival Reviews of New Zealand theatre shows

Paper Sky - A Love Story

Following the international success of The Arrival New Zealand's Red Leap Theatre returns with their magical new work, Paper Sky - A Love Story.  

Henry lives alone. He reads poetry. He writes poems and tucks them into different places, his pockets, between books, under furniture. Henry has been on a few dates but they never seem to work out. Then he meets Lumina and he can't quite believe her. How she captures his thoughts like the pages of a book, how she wanders in his mind like letters on the wind.

Love illuminates. It makes us bold. It makes us take risks.

Performed by an ensemble cast under the direction of Kate Parker and Julie Nolan, Paper Sky incorporates striking visual imagery and physicality to unfold a love story as intimate as the space between two people and as epic as the sky.

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Havoc in the Garden

Sometimes it's the first place I run … and sometimes it's the last place on earth - My family. Sometimes it is your only truth … and sometimes it's your biggest lie.

Havoc in the Garden, a new play from acclaimed British writer Lennie James and Massive Company (Whero's New Net, The Girls Show), is another collaboration from the hugely successful team that produced The Sons of Charlie Paora, the 2002 hit that toured nationally and internationally, including a season at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

Directed by Sam Scott, Havoc in the Garden stars an exciting multi-cultural cast of New Zealand's emerging and established theatre practitioners and features music and sound designed by accomplished musician Tama Waipara.

A play about families - about the lies that parents tell, and children reveal; what holds families together and what tears them apart - Havoc in the Garden unfolds in a small neighbourhood of five houses on an Auckland hillside where an act of violence and rage is about to shatter the community. In the ensuing police siege, five families are forced to confront the truths they have kept buried.

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Live Cinema - Live Theatre - Live Music - Live Sound Effects. A Cult Classic

Praised for its stunning cinematography and dreamy surreal atmosphere, Carnival of Souls is the best film you've never seen and what better way to see it than with an entirely new, totally live soundtrack.

In this unforgettable production, Herk Harvey's stunning black and white horror film Carnival of Souls is given a fully re-imagined soundtrack composed by musical madman Leon Radojkovic and performed by members of Dr Colossus, while brilliant actors including Chelsie Preston Crayford (Home By Christmas) and Cameron Rhodes breathe new life into the characters, and one daring Foley artist re-creates every sound effect, all live on stage, directed by theatrical troublemaker, Oliver Driver.

Mary Henry is beautiful and vivacious. Having improbably survived a car wreck she moves to a small town in Utah to begin her new job as a church organist. But something is wrong in middle America. Who is the man that follows her days and haunts her nights? What is it that draws her to the old deserted pavilion by the highway, and most of all, when will this nightmare end?

This is a must-attend, multi-dimensional Festival extravaganza performed at two of Auckland's classic theatres - The Mercury and The Civic.

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