06 Dec 2010

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Calling for participants speakers for Fakakaukau debate series 2011

Calling for participants/speakers for Fakakaukau debate series 2011 Malo e lelei and warm Pacific Greetings, The Pasifika Festival team would like to invite you to be a part of Pasifika Festivals second Fakakaukau Debate Series (2011).

In 2011 Pasifika Festival will extend to a multi-day multi-venue event and the Fakakaukau Debate Series is one of these events. Fakakaukau is Tongan for ‘thought’ or ‘to think’. The inaugural Fakakaukau Debate Series in 2010 was a huge success and in 2011 we hope to record the event and hopefully have it broadcast into the Pacific.

The debate series is intended to be a provocative, intellectual yet challenging discussion where presenters are invited to probe specific themes/areas pertinent to ‘Pasifika’ communities.

The debate series will run between Monday 7 March – Wednesday 9 March 2011 from 5 to 7pm with different themes each day. Each debate will run along formal lines, with a moot and three speakers arguing for each side, plus an adjudicator.

Below are the proposed topics for your perusal. However, the team is open to suggestions regarding these topics, as it is the intention that the debates begin some much needed dialogue over various fields relating to the Pacific and its communities.

There are two teams: Affirmative and opposition Monday 7th March
Topic: If you know your language, you know your culture
Time: 5 – 7pm
Venue: TBC
Tuesday 8th March
Topic: The “church” has annexed Pacific culture.
Time: 5 – 7pm
Venue: TBC
Wednesday 9th March
Topic: Cultural events like Pasifika Festival homogenise Pacific cultures.
Time: 5 – 7pm
Venue: TBC
For the purpose of this debate, we are hoping to define the term ‘Pacific’, your suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me with the topic and team you would like to be part of and any suggestions: manuesina.mahina@aucklandcity.govt.nz or (09) 354 2000 by Tuesday 30th November 2010. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.