10 Mar 2013

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Touring Australia   call for expressions of interest

Arts Projects Australia is working with Creative New Zealand to manage a pilot program to get high quality New Zealand performing arts on the road in Australia – including regional and remote Australia.

There are many artists and companies in New Zealand making exciting new work that will connect with a wide range of audiences in Australia, and this project will see a small, curated number of those companies selected to participate in the Touring Australia pilot, which will run over a four-year period.

The deadline for proposals is 12 November 2012.

This is the first Call for Expressions of Interest to New Zealand companies. Please note that other opportunities will arise throughout project’s timeframe. Arts Projects Australia would like to hear from companies with high quality contemporary dance, theatre or multi-disciplinary work presented in an original and professional way. 


Selection will be based on the criteria of excellence, ‘appeal’ and tour readiness. The companies should demonstrate they have a creative vision, the potential to engage diverse audiences, a touring track record and that the work being offered is, or will be, ‘tour ready’. It will have already premiered or will premiere before 15 March 2013, and be designed to tour.


Please include a 'tour summary’ with your proposal, including:

  • touring company roles and numbers  
  • fee levels
  • technical and marketing specifications

You should outline your company’s infrastructure, including your capacity:

  • to sustain a tour,
  • to consistently deliver performances to the highest possible standards over a prolonged period 

Please also provide a brief explanation of your touring objectives and how touring in Australia aligns with your international market development plans.


  • 12 November, 2012 - deadline for proposals
  • end of December 2012 - shortlist of works (Arts Projects Australia in consultation with Creative New Zealand).
  • late January/early February 2013 – announcementof list
  • End March – possible additions to shortlist (following the International Visitors Programme, (Te Manu Ka Tau), Auckland Arts Festival and Performing Arts Network of New Zealand (PANNZ).

It is envisaged that two of the shortlisted companies will tour in Australia before the middle of 2014.


  • Once companies have been selected for the short list, APA will match them with the most appropriate presenters for their work, and will do this through APA’s own touring relationships and through the various touring platforms and networks, including indigenous, in Australia.
  • Selection does not guarantee that a tour will be realised. Normal market forces still apply and the competition is strong.
  • APA is the producer for Touring Australia, and will be the conduit for the companies, working with them to articulate their points of difference and assisting the companies to be positioned to let the work speak for itself. APA will also negotiate the tours and contracts on the companies’ behalf, and provide marketing, financial and production support.
  • For tours that do come to fruition, Creative New Zealand will off-set landed costs (accommodation, per diems and domestic travel within Australia). The selected companies will also be eligible to apply to Creative New Zealand’s International Presentation Fund for international airfares and freight for their Australian touring.


Cover page to include:

  1. Company name and contact details
  2. Name of the work/s you are proposing
  3. Performance dates
  4. links to vimeo footage or similar 

Support materials to include:

  1. Company information
  2. Tour summary
  3. Touring strategy including international touring strategy
  4. Examples of your marketing materials 

Arts Projects Australia

Over the 15 years since its establishment, Arts Projects Australia has produced over 115 tours of distinctive and varied performing arts works through Australia and New Zealand through an extensive network of festivals and cultural centres. APA was the producer of the Australian Performing Arts Market (1998-2012), the Cultural Program of the Commonwealth Games for Melbourne in 2006 and are the producers of WOMADelaide and the international program for WOMAD New Zealand.

Expressions of Interest are due no later than 12 November 2012


<your company name> to:-
Additional support materials can be mailed to:-
Touring Australia Intitiative
12 King William Rd
Unley, SA 5061
Contact at APA
Lee-Anne Donnolley
Executive Producer
+61 8 8271 1488