24 Apr 2017

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Businesses benefit from supporting charities

Businesses taking part in a major research project reported that they support charitable organisations because it improves staff morale, customer relationships and their communities.

The newly-released report onEngagement between Business and Community Organisations was commissioned by Internal Affairs, and Creative New Zealand.

The report provides recommendations and resources that are helpful for both community and business organisations, says the recently appointed General Manager of Internal Affairs for Charities, Brendon Ward.

More than 1,000 business organisations participated in the research, which has been released to a workshop of business, community and government participants in Wellington. The meeting brought together a range of organisations, including business networks, funders, local council, Iwi and national community organisations – all of whom are interested in supporting effective partnerships in New Zealand.

Brendon Ward says the report has produced some valuable information about businesses’ levels of involvement and reasons for supporting charities. “For example 90 per cent of respondents reported that their business supports charities and that their support is either increasing or likely to remain constant. It also showed that more than one third of businesses surveyed want to find out how to better support community organisations.”

“And 26 per cent of businesses also said that supporting charities improved staff morale and/or productivity.“

He says there is no doubt that there are immense benefits from developing strategic relationships between businesses and community organisations. Meanwhile, today’s meeting will assist in building and nurturing relationships between the business and charity sectors.

“The potential for businesses and not-for-profit organisations to work even more closely together is something we are keen to support.  We hope this research will give organisations the encouragement and advice they need to build partnerships which are of benefit to them and their communities,” said Creative New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen Wainwright.

Click here to download the report or, to read any of the associated resources, go to www.charities.govt.nz