09 Aug 2009

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NZ Premiere of Handmade Nation

The documentary that has taken the USA and Australian arts and craft scene by storm is finally coming to NZ with two screenings in Wellington. Handmade Nation will screen on Monday 10th August at 12:30pm and 8pm at the Paramount cinema. The event will be accompanied by prominent guest speakers including Laurrie Foon from Starfish, Margaret Lewis from The Big Idea and more, as well as information, craft stalls and pre movie entertainment.

The documentary is about the new wave of art, craft and design and how these mediums are being reinvented from granny style cross-stitch to modern works of art in their own right. Film maker Faythe Levine travelled across the USA documenting creative people, many of whom had given up successful day jobs to follow their passion and make a living from their artistic endeavours.

The film covers many mediums from traditional “craft” lines through to fashion designers, graphic designers and fine art.

The film is being marketed as a must see event for any artists, crafters or designers who wish to make a living from their creative talents, as well as those who just love being creative or buying original things.

The documentary will only screen three times in NZ, with the other session in Auckland on 4th August. The film is being brought to NZ by Wellington Creative Trust, which aims to aid artists, crafters and designers to make a living form their creative talents.

Screening Details

http://www.wellingtoncreative.co.nz/wellingtoncreative/Handmade_Nation.html Pre-purchase your tickets directly from the cinema (seats are limited) Cost - $20 includes the film, guest speakers, information, craft stalls and more! Stalls and entertainment commence 1.5 hours before each screening.

10th August 12:30pm (stalls open from 11am) and 8pm (stalls open from 6:30), Paramount Cinema, 25 Courtenay Place Wellington, Ph 384 4080

4th August 6:30pm (stalls open from 5pm)
Academy Cinemas, 44 Lorne St Auckland, Ph 373 2761

For more info go to www.wellingtoncreative.co.nz
Wendy Jasper – 021 840 044
Helena Tobin – 02 161 3987