21 Oct 2009

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Darwin in the Spotlight for 150th Anniversary

Celebrating the publication ‘On the Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin.

In the beginning there was the word and the word was God until Darwin; then the world went ape!

150 years ago Darwin came up with the Theory of Evolution. This year Downstage in association with Conditional Productions presents Collapsing Creation by Arthur Meek, commissioned by the Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution as part of worldwide celebrations marking the publication of Darwins masterpiece: On the Origin of Species.

Darwin visited NZ on the Beagle in 1835

THE PRODUCTION: Collapsing Creation
Collapsing Creation follows the development of Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the dramatic aftermath of its publication. ‘On the Origin of Species’ confronts the rigid scientific orthodoxy of his time, challenges religion including the profound faith of his wife Emma and ultimately evolves into ideas beyond his imagination or control.

The phrase ‘Survival of the Fittest’ was not coined by Charles Darwin.

THE AUTHOR: Arthur Meek.
Short listed for the 2009 Bruce Mason Playwriting award, Collapsing Creation represents a bold new direction into dramatic work for writer, Arthur Meek, who is better known for his comedic talents. In 2008, he won the Chapman Tripp Award for Best Male Newcomer for his performance in the Downstage production of On the Conditions and Possibilities of Helen Clark Taking Me as Her Young Lover. He was also nominated for a Billy T award this year as part of The Lonesome Buckwhips.

Only 45% of Americans believe in Darwin’s Evolution Theory – CBS News Poll

THE COMPANY: Downstage Theatre
This November, the theatre turns 45 and to celebrate patrons and supporters have been encouraged to share their ‘best and worst’ Downstage stories. These will be displayed throughout the theatre and on our website during the month of November. To mark the occasion, there is a special gala performance of Collapsing Creation on the 20th, organized by the Downstage Theatre Society.

FREE LECTURE SERIES: Each Saturday during season
Learn what New Zealand’s experts think on a range of subjects relating to Darwin and evolution. Guest speakers include experts from Te Papa, GNS and the Allan Wilson Centre. A document with the full lecture/ debate schedule follows.

Dates: 5-28 NOV
Times: 6:30pm Tue-Wed and 8pm Thu-Sat.
Prices: $25 to $45. Meet the Artists: Tue 10 NOV
Matinee: Sat 21 NOV – 2pm

Downstage Theatre Society 45th Birthday event: Fri 20 NOV

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone at (04) 801 6946 or in person at Downstage’s box office. For up-to-date information visit www.downstage.co.nz

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