10 Sep 2014

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Toolkits to help manage volunteers and risk

Creative New Zealand is introducing two new toolkits focusing on Risk Management and Volunteer Management for arts organisations.

These toolkits are tailored for New Zealand arts organisations and practitioners. Both toolkits include step-by-step guides and templates to assist you to develop your skills in managing volunteers and mitigating risk.

Risk Management Toolkit

Risk, uncertainty and change exist for every organisation. You can be better prepared and reduce the likelihood of harm to your organisation and community through risk management.

The Risk Management Toolkit will help managers, administrators, and boards to develop and implement a risk management strategy. The toolkit should be read alongside Getting on Board: A governance resource guide for arts organisations.

This toolkit will help you to:

  • identify and understand risk factors for your organisation
  • create a risk management policy
  • manage and monitor the risks you have identified


“Risks are uncertain future events that could impact on the organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives”

- Excerpt from Getting on Board: A governance resource guide for arts organisations

Volunteer Management Toolkit

The Volunteer Management Toolkit is intended for boards, managers and co-ordinators to use as they attract, manage and retain volunteers. 

The toolkit will provide you with:

  • advice on planning your volunteer management system
  • tips on finding and selecting the right volunteers for your organisation
  • instructions on inducting and training volunteers
  • guidance on retaining volunteers
  • templates for a code of conduct, application forms, appointment and decline letters, an interview plan and questions.


“A planned volunteer programme gives you a direction and purpose so you can achieve the right outcomes for the organisation”

- Sue Jane, Chamber Music New Zealand

See the toolkits in action

To show how organisations are using the toolkits we will produce short videos of arts organisations implementing elements from each toolkit. These will be available to view in October 2014.

Any queries, contact us

If you have any queries about these toolkits contact helen.bartle@creativenz.govt.nz or 09 377 8750.