19 Feb 2013

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Mural Opportunities

Christchurch City Council

Public Arts Commission - Deterring Tagging Vandalism


Mural Concepts Sought – February 2013

Christchurch City Council (CCC) with funding support from Ministry of Justice is seeking to cover and deter tagging vandalism in the central city. In the process opportunities are created for artists and designers to contribute to enhancing the city during the rebuild.

Working with building owners and tenants, we have two large and highly visible walls affected by tagging vandalism, for which we are seeking mural concepts. 

574 Colombo Street

A unique building designed by renowned Christchurch architectural practice Warren and Mahoney; we are seeking a concept which reflects the contemporary style and distinctive architectural detailing evident here. The wall faces south east, toward Moorhouse Avenue. The area of the wall to be painted is shorter than the overall height of the wall. Dimensions for the mural are: approximately 2.8 metres high by 20 metres long.

204 St Asaph Street

A redbrick building still standing in the central city! The owners and tenants are interested in a quality artwork that will endure and join the growing number of celebrated artworks in our transitional city. The wall looks southward, toward Colombo Street. Note: The selected artist will have to work primarily across a weekend (or weekends) or after business hours as the adjacent site is fully in use during work hours. Much of this wall can be considered for the mural.


A panel will be convened to make the selection for both walls and will representatives of the building owners and tenants and staff representing the Christchurch City Council, including Graffiti Projects Coordinator. The Council Metropolitan Arts Advisor will advise the panel.

Submission Requirements

Your submission must include:

  • the draft concept and interpretation
  • arts curriculum (previous ‘arts’ experience)
  • contacts for two referees
  • a budget
  • expected start and completion dates
  • a health and safety plan

Submissions are welcome from individuals or groups.


The time frames are very close.

Submissions must reach us no later than March 12, 2013.

Artists will be notified of results by March 18, 2013.

Work may commence once a contract has been entered into and should be completed by May 12, 2013.


The budget allocation for each project is $6,000 excluding GST. This budget must cover all costs including preparation, any scaffolding, paint, execution of the mural, any travel or accommodation costs, and a short maintenance period.


Selected Artists

The selected artists will enter into a contract with Council and be responsible for executing the works as agreed. Any text included on the work including logos and references to websites belonging to artist or funders must be agreed prior to work commencing. The artist (s) will be required to undertake any maintenance of the work for a two month period following completion of the mural.

You will need to supply and cost all materials. Assume that you will need to carry all materials and water to and from the site. The site must be left clear and clean after each visit to work on the mural.

Artists must include a Health and Safety plan for implementation during the implementation of the mural and carry public liability insurance.

ChristchurchCity Council

Council’s Metropolitan Arts Advisor is the project manager. Council is responsible contracting the artists, for making payments to artists, and will liaise with owners, tenants and adjacent site owners and tenants.


This is a unique situation where Council is commissioning work on privately owned buildings. In this instance we would seek to preserve the artists’ rights to the work (and to reproduce elements of the work) and also seek to ensure reproduction rights (photographic images only) given to the building owners and Council for promotional and recording purposes.


Given the transitional nature of spaces and places in the central city, neither CCC nor building owners can guarantee work will remain unaffected by rebuilding on adjacent sites or through any remedial work on the buildings themselves.

Contacts for your submission

Enquiries should be directed to Kiri Jarden, Metropolitan Arts Advisor.

Email submissions are preferred to Kiri.Jarden@ccc.govt.nz

Telephone: 03 941 8635


Metropolitan Arts Advisor

Community Services

ChristchurchCity Council

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