28 Sep 2015

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NZ Photographer Wins Top Award in China

Annual Commission artist PJ Paterson, from Auckland has won an award at the 15th Pingyao International Photography Festival in China. He won the “Most Excellent Photographer Art Award” at the annual Pingyao Awards Ceremony on Monday 21st Sept, held at one of the ancient temples, Ancient Government Museum in the city of Pingyao, Shanxi.

PJ says “It’s an awesome achievement to be given this Award for my work, I am really honoured”.

PJ Paterson’s work for the Annual Commission 2015 of the Auckland Festival of Photography, which is exhibiting as part of the world’s largest photography festival, has been commissioned by the Auckland Festival of Photography as part of the 5th year celebration of the Auckland Festival’s Annual Commission. His new work was funded through the Asia Co-commissioning Fund through Creative New Zealand. Audiences in Pingyao, China reached over 70,000 over the opening weekend – more than an All Blacks match.

PJ Paterson was in attendance at the Pingyao Festival as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography partnership with Pingyao. Both Auckland and Pingyao are members of the Asia Pacific Photoforum, a network of international photography festivals across the most populated countries in Asia, including Pacific countries Australia, New Zealand and currently Guatemala, Colombia.

The annual Awards Ceremony at Pingyao is broadcast on TV in Shanxi, China, viewing figures are being sort. Shanxi Province is home to 35 million people.

For more details – contact Julia Durkin, Public Participation Director, Auckland Festival of Photography akl.festival.photography@xtra.co.nz 0r 64274735443. (Currently in China)