18 Jul 2014

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Weve been having Big Conversations about our audiences

Here are some presentations and papers from Creative New Zealand’s Big Conversation on how to better engage audiences so you too can be inspired and get practical some advice.

The Big Conversation took place for one day in June in both Dunedin and Auckland with a wide range of arts organisations attending.

We conferred, shared, learnt, explored and debated how to engage our audiences more deeply with our institutions, collections, programmes and events. It was a really Big Conversation between practitioners to create an even bigger conversation with our audiences.

All the sessions talked about building genuine, rich, rewarding human relationships between audience members, and our institutions.

The Big Conversation was curated by Andrew McIntyre, Director of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre and Vicki Allpress Hill, Director of The Audience Connection.

“The time is right to call it a day and vow never to send another one of those emails or write any more of that brochure copy. You’ll feel better for it, and the audience will be thankful. Filtering the bulls**t is a soul-destroying task when all you crave is a genuine, meaningful personal connection with someone who has made, curated, loves or has breathed life into the work.”

Andrew McIntyre [More in The Big Conversation reader (pdf 800kb)]


All presentations and notes are available on Slideshare

Here's the keynotes:

A big conversation about The Big Conversation, Andrew McIntyre and Vicki Allpress Hill (Link to slideshare)

Putting it into Practice, Ginny Cartmel (slideshare)