21 May 2009

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Support for NZ composers buoyant despite recessionary times

Support for NZ composers buoyant despite recessionary times

SOUNZtender is off to a great start with bids received to date totalling more than $20,000.

“We are delighted that, despite the prevailing economic gloom, New Zealand music lovers are excited about this opportunity to bid for their own special piece from one of our leading composers” said Lloyd Williams, Chair of the Board of SOUNZ, the Centre for New Zealand Music.

Described as a “a truly inspired, and inspirational, idea”, SOUNZtender is a unique fundraising project involving five award-winning New Zealand composers – Eve de Castro-Robinson, Chris Gendall, Ross Harris, John Psathas and Gillian Whitehead – who have each agreed to write a new work for the highest bidder.

The successful bidders will have the opportunity to discuss the content of the piece with the composer, name the work and suggest the instrument or voice for which the work will be composed. They will receive a performance and recording by a leading New Zealand performer, exclusive rights to performances for a year, and a presentation copy of the score signed by the composer.

“This is a unique opportunity to recognise a special event or person or to celebrate a milestone in the life of an organisation,” said Lloyd. “One of our bidders, Sir Ronald Scott, is planning, if successful, to have a piece created in honour of Sir Edmund Hillary. This an especially poignant and significant idea and very much in the spirit of SOUNZtender.”

Bidding closes at noon on Sunday 31 May and progress can be tracked on the SOUNZ website, http://sounz.org.nz/content/bidding . Proceeds will be donated to SOUNZ to support the work it does in promoting and providing music by New Zealand composers. The winning bids and the amount raised will be announced by Hon Chris Finlayson, Minister for the Arts, Culture and Heritage on 31 May 2009.

Details of the tender are available on the SOUNZ website, http://sounz.org.nz or by emailing project@sounz.org.nz or by phoning 04 801 8601.



Scilla Askew
Executive Director
Email: project@sounz.org.nz or scilla@sounz.org.nz
Phone: (64 4) 801 8601 or (64 4) 801 8602

Hi-res images of the composers are available through SOUNZ.

SOUNZ, the Centre for New Zealand Music
SOUNZ is a music information centre whose purpose is to provide and promote music by New Zealand composers through a range of services and projects. It is home to the largest accessible collection of music by New Zealand composers in the world.

The Centre was established in 1991 and is funded by Creative New Zealand, APRA and also through PPNZ Ltd. The Centre is a not-for-profit charitable trust whose trustees serve in an honorary capacity. (Charities Commission Registration No. CC22488)

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More information about SOUNZtender:

The five composers are previous winners of the SOUNZ Contemporary Award and fully represented SOUNZ composers.
Eve de Castro-Robinsonhttp://sounz.org.nz/contributor/composer/1001
Chris Gendall http://sounz.org.nz/contributor/composer/1239
Ross Harrishttp://sounz.org.nz/contributor/composer/1049
John Psathas http://sounz.org.nz/contributor/composer/1017
Gillian Whitehead http://sounz.org.nz/contributor/composer/1099

SOUNZ Contemporary Award