01 Nov 2011

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111111   Upstage Festival only days away

34 artists are collaborating around the world to produce the 12 different shows that make up the 11:11:11 UpStage Festival (11 November 2011). Among the performers are three groups of primary students from South Westland.

In the global day from 11am on 11/11/11 in Aotearoa/New Zealand until 11pm on 11/11/11 in Europe, an exciting selection of cyberformance (live online performance) will be presented at 11:11:11 the fifth annual UpStage Festival.

Anyone with a standard internet connection and browser can attend with just one click, or by visiting physical venues in galleries, museums, theatre spaces, media workshops, and schools here and overseas.

Links to the online stages and schedule are here

See the Real Life physical locations you can visit here

The festival starts in the 11:11:11 Foyer where the festival architects and the international curatorial panel will help audience through to premium viewing in the each of the 12 shows. Neatly coinciding with Armistice day, the first show Cyberian Chalk Circle which takes a Brecht classic to the Eygptian uprising, and questions what we have learned since the horrors of WW1.

Traverse the globe and the education spectrum from this practice based research project to the next group of works which have been created by the school students. Beginning with a collaborative piece which weaves a tale of mystery and navigation performed by three students who have produced works in the last two UpStage festivals.

These three have been leading a peer tutoring project to teach two further groups of students how to use UpStage and devise theatre online, both hands on and through remote technologies. The two shows produced use as their narrative base familiar fairytales and rhymes adding a unique perspective through plot twists, audio and visual trickery.

The student groups will perform each of their shows twice, interspersed with works by artists located in from Scotland, Italy, Serbia, Netherlands, USA and Korea. The northern hemisphere participants range from experienced cyberformers to artists new to the medium of live online performance through Upstage. These artists perform shows that explore in a range of media; classic tales, dance, cultural concepts from ancient and modern times and automated religious practices through the human computer interface.

The full schedule of performances to be presented at the 11:11:11 UpStage Festival is available
online with links to each stage going live on the day: http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=2828

The 11:11:11 UpStage Festival is the fifth festival of live online performance (cyberformance) using
the web-based platform UpStage (http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=2). Performances are created by artists – from school students to established digital artists – who collaborate in real time using a range of digital media. All that is required for the audience to attend is a standard browser and domestic internet connection.

A full list of the 11:11:11 UpStage Festival performances, the schedule with live on the day links to each stage and more information is available on the UpStage web site: http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=2350

For further information and interviews, contact:
Vicki Smith (Aotearoa/New Zealand): 021 778067

Title: 11.11.11 Upstage Festival
Venue: Global - its virtual
Date: 11 November 2011
Email: info@upstage.org.nz