22 Sep 2009

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Little Bushman live with NZSO

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is set to become the sonic tsunami behind the already powerful psychedelic blues-rock quartet Little Bushman. With the orchestral score composed by award winning classical composer, John Psathas this will be a collaboration of historic amplitude. For fans of powerful, soulful music, be it classical, Pink Floyd or Miles Davis, this will be an unforgettable experience.

On October 23, Little Bushman will be in their hometown to play a show that is set to become the stuff of legends. Held in the fine acoustic space of the Wellington Town Hall, the band will share the stage with the NZSO, a ‘back up’ group who will draw on centuries of acoustic amplification to lift Bushman’s music to a level of intensity that can only be achieved with the NZSO’s symphonic sound. Already known for its expertise in performing symphonic repertoire, Peter Walls (CEO, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra) says “This concert reinforces the Orchestra’s versatility and commitment to New Zealand music of all genres. We’re delighted to be part of this special collaboration with Little Bushman and John Psathas.”

Lead singer Warren Maxwell (ex Trinity Roots, Fat Freddys Drop) says the band is excited about collaborating with the “most accomplished orchestral ensemble in Aotearoa.” Having performed with another NZ orchestra in July 2008, Warren, bassist Tom Callwood, drummer Rick Cranson, and guitarist Joe Callwood have some knowledge of what’s in store: “That was such a mind-blowing experience, that we thought it would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to do it again,” says Warren. “But bigger this time and with the NZSO in our hometown – Wellington!”

For those who missed out on the Auckland performance, or saw it and must participate once again, the Labour Weekend show will offer the perfect opportunity for a Wellington weekend to remember. And, according to Warren, those lucky enough to have been there in Auckland will be able to amplify the experience:

“John Psathas, who did the original arrangements, has re-written a few of the instrumental parts to reflect the enormous range of our national orchestra. We’ve also tweaked the set a bit to really showcase our own material as well. Being such a huge opportunity for us, we will also be recording the concert for release early to mid 2010.”

Those who are already aware of Little Bushman and their unparalleled, dynamic version of 60s inspired blues rock will know that the mesh of these two intense musical mediums will be mind blowing.

This concert with Little Bushman & the NZSO is one tsunami you dont want to run from.
Little Bushman live in concert with the NZSO, at the Wellington Town Hall
23 October, 8 pm. Tickets on sale NOW through Ticketek - $35 Standing / $45 Seated
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