17 Jan 2012

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Call for Applications from the European Broadcasting Union

The International Forum of Young Performers (IFYP) is a European competition for young musicians organised by the European Broadcasting Union on behalf of the International Music Council (IMC). Since 2002 it has been called "New Talent".

As the New Zealand members of the International Music Council, SOUNZ is able to nominate two performers to take part in this competition. If anyone is interested, please contact SOUNZ for more details

The "New Talent" competition aims to encourage and promote young musicians through radio, by the organisation of public concerts that are broadcast by Member organizations of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Candidacies from young musicians can be submitted either by EBU Member organizations or by any Members of the IMC or European Music Council (EMC).

With effect from 2003, the "New Talent" competition takes place in Bratislava (Slovakia) and is co- produced by Radio and Television of Slovakia, organizational unit Slovak Radio (hereinafter referred to as SKRTVS) and the Slovak Philharmonic-Bratislava Music Festival.

Please find a link to the EBU site: http://www.ebu.ch/en/union/news/2011/tcm_6-73310.php