09 Sep 2013

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Be part of a local mesh at Space  Network  Memory Dunedin 13 15 September

The 8th Aotearoa Digital Artists Symposium in Dunedin marks a decade of ADA Symposia.  Space : Network : Memory responds to themes generated by the ADA Network research project Mesh Cities Christchurch with presentations, panels, discussions and activities by national and international artists and academics.

The Symposium opens in the historic warehouse precinct Vogel Street with talks, artworks and performances that frame the local and introduce the themes through local and international contributors. Day two moves into Otago Polytechnic for discussion and deeper focus engaging with a range of activities around the city.

Day three opens with a presentation by and about satellites and a maker session where participants will contribute and participate in a hands-on workshop environment. It rounds up by strengthening the network and shifts focus to future events.

Interested parties are encouraged to register for Space : Network : Memory to connect closely and playfully across Dunedin city through panels, talks, walks and art works and engage with aspects of the broad range of practices and approaches necessary for rethinking the contemporary city, the networks that surround and emerge from it, and the memories it holds.

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Contacts: e: admin@ada.net.nz p: +64 21 778 067

Title: Space : Network : Memory
Venue: Venues across Dunedin
Date: 13 September 2013
Info: http://www.ada.net.nz/meshcities/dunedin-symposium-programme/
Email: admin@ada.net.nz