24 Apr 2011

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Hook Line and Sinker   film premiere

Following the success of our previous feature Taking the Waewae Express, we are currently on the countdown to the theatrical release of our latest film  Hook, Line & Sinker, an ensemble piece with a terrific cast including Geraldine Brophy, Rangimoana Taylor, Carmel McGlone, Matthew Chamberlain and Dame Kate Harcourt. Developed using the improvisational methods of British filmmaker Mike Leigh (Another Year), and oriented towards an older audience, Hook, Line & Sinker is full of singing and unexpected humour, and is a story that touches on the realities of the lives of working people in New Zealand. 

It premieres onMonday 2 May in Wellington at the Embassy Theatre,  followed by ten regional premieres and charity screenings organised by Macular Degeneration New Zealand who are partnering with us on promotion and distribution, before begining its 39 screen (and still counting) theatrical release on Thursday 5 May. Tickets to the premiere are available through our website www.torchlightfilms.co.nz/hls

 Shot over 5 weeks with a crew of 12, a cast of 100, in 35 different locations, it was shot on a cash budget of less than $40000. Such is the power of community.  Hook, Line & Sinker  breaks all the rules, on and off the screen, and we self-distribute.  Hook, Line & Sinker is grassroots filmmaking at its greenest, a new way of making and delivering films in the digital age, and there's not a hobbit in sight. 

Please do visit our website www.torchlightfilms.co.nz/hls for more about the film and about us, as well as trailer, interviews and Taking the Waewae Express.

Title: Hook, Line and Sinker - film premiere
Venue: Embassy Theatre
Date: 2 May 2011
Info: http://www.torchlightfilms.co.nz/hls