16 Jun 2023

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Asian artists perform on a bus
Photo by Benjamin Anabelle for Street Talk Ltd. Street Talk Ltd received a grant to support production of a publication telling the story of past to present generations of visual artists, musicians, dancers & groups in Hip-hop and street sub-cultures in Aotearoa. Image supplied. 

Asian artists in Tāmaki Makaurau and Northland have received over $650,000 in the second roll-out of a fund to support initiatives that are by, with and for Asian arts communities.

The Asian Artists’ Fund, a collaboration between Foundation North and Creative New Zealand, is a step towards addressing funding inequities for Asian artists through targeted project grants.

Both funders are delighted to be able to increase available funding the second time around, from $400,000 to $650,000, and continue to celebrate the unique diversity within the Asian arts sector in Aotearoa.

Opening in December 2022 and closing in March 2023, the fund attracted over 60 applications from emerging, mid-career and established artists for wide-ranging projects and initiatives across many different art forms. There were many applications from emerging artists, and importantly interest from artists keen to expand their artistic practice in the context of Aotearoa today. Assessors noted this opportunity gave artists confidence to bring the whole of their artistic direction rather than work based only on their migration story.

To ensure wide accessibility for Asian arts communities, the second iteration of this Fund had a participatory, community-led element. With a desire to further understand and shift the power back to the Asian arts community, a co-design hui was held, leading to the development of the Asian Artists’ Fund 2.0. Through established Auckland and Northland networks, community-based Outreach Advisors connected, advised, and assisted artists and arts practitioners in developing their funding requests.

Each application was assessed by Asian artists representing various art forms and career stages, after which a panel composed of selected assessors provided the final recommendations to Foundation North. The increased pool of funding meant almost half of those requesting funds were successful.

Foundation North’s Head of Funding, Audry McLaren says, “We couldn't be more thrilled about the overwhelming response we received from the community for this fund – a staggering $1.6 million was requested!  We've embraced a community-led approach based on the valuable feedback and lessons learned from our first fund. This incredible journey has showcased the power of innovative, inclusive, and decentralised funding models.  We look forward to seeing the creative works supported by the Asian Artists Fund.”

Gretchen La Roche, Creative New Zealand’s Senior Manager, Arts Development, is excited to partner with Foundation North again to support Asian artists in Tāmaki Makaurau and Northland.

“We are committed to ensuring Asian arts in Aotearoa are more visible and supporting the community to realise their own creative vision,” she says. “We fully support Foundation North’s funding commitment to a community-led approach – a sentiment we heard loud and clear from our recent sector engagement. Our creative communities want a stronger decision-making role, and the success of this fund demonstrates how successful taking this approach can be.”

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