19 Oct 2010

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SCAPE Christchurch Biennial announces new dates

SCAPE 2010 has been rescheduled. The 6th SCAPE Christchurch
Biennial of Art in Public Space will now be held in Christchurch from 4
March to 17 April 2011.

SCAPE 2010 (originally scheduled from 24 September to 7 November 2010) was recently postponed, due to the earthquake in Christchurch on 4 September 2010, just three weeks out from opening. Over a year in development, SCAPE 2010 was to involve a highly compelling display of geographically concentrated, free-to-attend public artworks by leading local, national and international artists, with a curatorial focus upon issues pertaining to urban planning and inner-city revitalisation in Christchurch. At the time of the postponement all the artists’ projects were in advanced stages of development.

Following extensive consultations and discussion involving the Art & Industry Biennial Trust, the Curatorial Group, artists, staff and sponsors it has been decided that the seven temporary and one permanent public artworks which will form the SCAPE Public Art Walkway will be installed largely as they were conceived before the earthquake, but with a great deal of public consideration given to the changed contexts of the artworks and relationships to their location.

The next SCAPE will highlight the role these artists’ projects can contribute to discussions about urban regeneration as a result of the earthquake, with the curatorial premise for this biennial now being even more pertinent – addressing topics such as cities of the future, urban growth and sustainability.

SCAPE artworks will facilitate a conversation about the importance of artists working in and creating works of art in public spaces, and especially in a space like inner-city Christchurch, which is currently undergoing a massive change.

Curatorial Group Convenor Blair French says the new SCAPE Opening Weekend Public Programme will involve a redeveloped and concentrated schedule of events involving artist presentations, panel discussions and lectures.

“SCAPE will provide an even more important opportunity to distil, reflect upon and focus the very urgent public conversations generated in the wake of the earthquake regarding the redevelopment of the urban environment,” he says.

Bob Blyth, Chairman of the Art & Industry Biennial Trust says the 6th SCAPE Christchurch Biennial of Art in Public Space opening will occur just before the Christchurch Ellerslie International Flower Show.

“It will provide another daytime and evening experience for locals and visitors to Christchurch,” he says. “With an open acknowledgement of the difficult process of revitalisation facing Christchurch in the coming months, SCAPE will present a biennial that is both responding to, and very much a part of, the recent change brought to the city by the earthquake.”

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