02 Nov 2022

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We’re proactively sharing information about the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand’s funding proposal under the Toi Uru Kahikatea Investment programme for 2023-2025.

This information was originally provided directly to the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand (SGCNZ) in the spirit of openness and transparency and to help them understand how the Arts Council came to their decision. 

Why we’re releasing this information now  

We’ve decided to publicly release this information for the following reasons.

  • We’ve received, and continue to receive, many requests for this information – including under the Official Information Act – and there has been significant public interest around the decision to decline SGCNZ’s proposal.
  • Excerpts of this information have already been shared in the public arena. By publishing the document in full, readers can gain a clearer contextual understanding of the material.
  • It provides more details around the Arts Council’s decision to decline SGCNZ’s proposal and it includes assessors’ comments within the context they were written.

SGCNZ has been consulted on the release of this information. 

We don’t typically discuss declined applications in the public arena

While we’ve had to make an exception in the case of SGCNZ (see our 18 October statement), we don’t typically discuss or comment on declined funding applications in the public arena for the following reasons.

We want to respect the privacy and mana of those who aren’t successful in any funding round. Many good applications and talented artists miss out on contestable funding because of the high demand.

We understand that people are disappointed when their applications are declined and respect their right to speak about it publicly.

When we receive media requests about declined applications, we do our best to provide factual information while respecting the privacy around certain parts of applications.

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