20 Sep 2021

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14 NZ artists profile their mahi to over 400 international attendees at virtual international arts market

The Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) held its second international Gathering for 2021 alongside the Darwin Festival.

The virtual Gathering held over two weeks (10–18 August) brought together an audience of over 400 international attendees from 27 countries. Through Creative New Zealand’s partnership with APAM, our artists had the opportunity to Profile (pitch) their work and use the APAM platform to build relationships with international networks to stay engaged with global conversations. A delegation of fourteen artists and practitioners participated in a number of tailored capability building programmes and events.

Exchange: Round Table

Aotearoa New Zealand Represent – Making Space for All Voices

Artists from Aotearoa New Zealand shared their successes and challenges of navigating power structures to create art on their terms.  As role models for creating work from Maori, Pasifika, female or disabled perspectives, they’re forging pathways to give visibility to their stories and communities.


  • Cian Elyse White (Te Arawa/ Ngāti Pikiao), actor, writer, producer and director, and NZ representative on the APAM curatorial panel.


  • Rodney Bell (Ngāti Maniapoto), Advocator, Provocateur, Performing Artist, Primarily Dance.
  • Julia Croft, Performance Artist and theatre maker.
  • Tupe Lualua, Dancer, Producer, Choreographer, and Director
  • Victor Rodger, Producer and Playwright


Artists were selected to make short presentations about new and existing projects and to invite collaboration and potential partners.

  • Tupe Lualua and Tupua Tigafua – Shel We
  • Julia Croft – Working On My Night Moves 
  • Rodney Bell – Meremere
  • Victor Rodger – Wild Dogs Under My Skirt

First Timers Programme

This programme matches experienced leaders in market development with a small cohort of first timers in a programme to navigate the market. Through this programme First Timers experienced deeper engagement in the Gathering and an expanded network, as well as confidence and strategic approaches towards national and international engagement.

  • Megan Brown - Taranaki Arts Festival Trust
  • Julia Croft
  • James O'Hara  - New Zealand Dance Company
  • Malia Johnston - Movement Of The Human
  • Victor Rodger - FCC

First Nations Industry Programme

This program brought together a network of First Nation producers and self-producing artists to share knowledge, expertise and build connections nationally and internationally. For the first time the programme invited Canadian delegates to join NZ and Australian cohort.

  • Tupe Lualua – Le Moana
  • Rodney Bell
  • Cian White - ARONUI Arts Festival
  • Tanemahuta Gray – Taki Rua
  • Ana Corbett – UPU Collective
  • Grace Iwashita-Taylor - UPU Collective
  • Nathan Mudge  
  • Vanessa Immik – Vanessa Immik Productions
  • Juran Adams
  • Te Whenua Harawira - Creative Natives

Established in 1994, APAM is Australia’s largest international performing arts market designed to showcase Australian and New Zealand contemporary dance, theatre, emerging and experimental arts nationally and internationally.

Supported by our Global Wayfinding Programme.