07 Mar 2019

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Opportunity to provide feedback on Creative New Zealands draft strategic direction

We are inviting public comment and feedback on our strategic direction.

The Arts Council has agreed a new strategic direction for the 10 years 2019-2029 to ensure we are delivering on our vision of Dynamic and resilient New Zealand arts, valued in Aotearoa and internationally.

The new direction includes three elements: How we will create long-term value for New Zealanders, Our goals – what we want to achieve by 2029, and How our work links to government priorities. These elements are underpinned by our vision, our purpose and our values, which guide why and how we work.

Over the past year or so, we’ve heard from many members of the arts community and our stakeholders through various fora and consultations. This feedback has been invaluable in shaping our new strategic direction.

This strategic direction has been developed to align with our Investment Strategy and is supported by several strategies and policies that guide our work in specific areas, including Te Hā o Ngā Toi/Ngā Toi Māori Strategy, the Pacific Arts Strategy, the Advocacy Strategy and our Diversity in the Arts Policy.

We’re proposing a 10-year timeframe for this new strategic direction recognising that the sort of long-term change we’re seeking in the strategies we’ve developed, takes time.

Changes to our new strategic direction

The new strategic direction proposes the following changes:

  • Introducing the Creating value for New Zealanders model, which describes how we work, the environment in which we operate, and how we create long-term value for New Zealanders.
  • Four goals, which describe what we want to achieve by 2029.
  • A new outcome – Stronger arts sector.
  • A new deliverable – Leadership in the arts.

How to provide views and comment