29 Nov 2018

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Pacifica Mamas present first exhibition at the Pacifica Arts Centre

Artform: Pacific Arts
Location: Henderson, Auckland
Funding: Quick Response and Arts Grants, $21,425

In October 2017, the Pacifica Mamas held their first exhibition at the Corban Estate Arts Centre. The collective of respected Pacific heritage artists and cultural leaders established the arts centre in 1994, but had never exhibited their work there until last year. ‘Turou – the call from our ancestors, the call to return home’ presented works made by the Pacifica Mamas and members of the communities they work with through the centre.

The exhibition included a fale (traditional house) woven by participants of the Spring Hill Corrections Facility arts programme, run by the mamas. “When the mamas teach prisoners, they are giving them a sense of home. By creating that fale, the men have given us a home for the exhibit,” said Jarcinda Stowers-Ama, Director of the Pacifica Arts Centre.

Along with the Spring Hill programme, the Pacifica Mamas run a school Pacific education programme, art exhibitions and workshops, to pass on the knowledge of traditional arts to younger generations. The Pacifica Mamas were one of four new additions to Creative New Zealand’s Toi Uru Kahikatea (Arts Development) Investment programme in 2018. 

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