07 Dec 2017

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Creative New Zealand releases Briefing to the Incoming Minister for Arts Culture and Heritage

Creative New Zealand has published its Briefing to the Incoming Minister (BIM) for Arts, Culture & Heritage following instruction from the Minister, the Right Honourable Jacinda Ardern.

The briefing is one of more than 170 similar documents that the Government has released and can be found alongside the briefings of other cultural agencies in Briefings to Incoming Ministers: Community & Governance

This briefing provides a high-level overview of the arts in New Zealand and an outline of how Creative New Zealand is responding to the challenges the arts sector faces. It describes the arts in New Zealand as being in a positive position.

“The arts in New Zealand are in good shape. We’re seeing more New Zealand work being created and developed and more international success of our artists and arts companies.”

The briefing also highlights the opportunities and challenges Creative New Zealand faces including fluctuations in revenue levels, the growing complexity of delivering the arts for the benefit of all New Zealanders, and the need for Creative New Zealand to broaden support for the arts in New Zealand.

“The continually evolving arts sector means we work in an ever-changing environment. As an organisation we’re working to improve how we operate, to match the needs of the arts sector and the interests of other partners and stakeholders,” the briefing states.

Creative New Zealand also encourages the Minister to continue her work as a passionate advocate for the arts.

“An opportunity exists for you, as Minister for Arts, Culture & Heritage, to be a powerful advocate for the arts, including with parliamentary colleagues and to the wider New Zealand public.”

Briefings to incoming Ministers are produced by all government departments and many agencies and Crown entities.  They play an important constitutional role in New Zealand’s system of government. The Cabinet Manual states “the written briefing is the first part of an ongoing process of briefing the new Minister. Its purpose is to give the Minister sufficient information to meet his or her initial requirements.”

The BIM also serves as a high-level insight into the workings of Creative New Zealand and the opportunities available to the Minister, Creative New Zealand, and the arts sector as a whole.

It will assist the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, and Associate Ministers for Arts, Culture & Heritage Hon Grant Robertson and Hon Carmel Sepuloni.

Briefing to the Incoming Minister for Arts, Culture & Heritage 2017