06 Jun 2017

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Creative New Zealand praises Wellingtons commitment to the arts

Wellington City Council’s commitment to the arts and its decision to restore the city’s Town Hall and develop a Civic Music Hub has been welcomed by Creative New Zealand.

Creative New Zealand has made a submission on Wellington City Council’s Draft Annual Plan for 2017/18.

The decision to commit $90 million towards restoring the Town Hall was a prudent decision when the alternatives were not having a venue or spending significantly more on a new building without the same character or world-class acoustics, the submission said.

The council’s proposal to expand the arts and culture programme to include a Matariki event as well as a series of diverse outdoor events in the city was also welcomed.

“Public events…bring communities together and are an effective way to ensure all Wellingtonians have access to the arts.”

Creative New Zealand applauded the council’s inclusion of ‘cultural wellbeing’ as one of the seven activity areas it intended for its performance to be measured against but recommended more be done to include arts and culture in long-term planning.

“The re-energisation of the ‘capital of culture’ idea evident in the Building a better city programme would be strengthened by arts and culture being included in long-term community outcomes or in the vision for the city,” the submission said.

Creative New Zealand submission on Wellington City Council Draft Annual Plan 2017/18