27 Apr 2017

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Arts Council five year advocacy strategy published

The Arts Council has published its five-year strategy to advocate for the positive contribution that art and artists make to New Zealanders’ lives.

Working alongside the arts sector Creative New Zealand is uniquely placed to make a compelling case for the value of the arts, the strategy says.

The five-year strategy and complementary action plan resulted from consultation with the arts sector on the Arts Council’s Statement of Intent, which sets out the Council’s priorities for investment and resources from 2016 to 2021.

While Creative New Zealand has always been an advocate for the arts, there was a strong message that the organisation needed to be seen to do more – and that the sector wanted to be part of that work.

It was also noted that while there was some relevant data and research on the value of the arts, there was no tangible strategy to drive advocacy. Without that visible commitment, confidence in what the arts contribute was reduced.

By being a powerful advocate for the arts the Arts Council aims to stimulate New Zealanders’ appetite for great local arts experiences and to support broad investment in the arts.

The strategy acknowledges that Creative New Zealand needs the support and advice of the arts sector to do this work, eg accessing and sharing the stories of what engaging in the arts – whether it’s creating, attending or participating – means to New Zealanders.

The strategy aims to show how the arts:

  • help make people happy and healthy by instilling a sense of confidence and personal achievement and by providing stimulation and inspiration
  • foster talent and creativity by improving educational outcomes and encouraging critical thinking, problem solving and empathy
  • support strong and prosperous communities by building social cohesion and understanding, creating jobs, supporting businesses and helping rejuvenate communities experiencing deprivation
  • help people express their identity so they feel engaged and connected with their own humanity and that of others.

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